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Menu for Aug 24-Aug 28

If you missed the post about how food service will look like this year, here's a reminder. Meals will be distributed curbside by our food service department at the elementary campus every Monday and Wednesday. When you arrive, you just need to inform them how many scholars you need meals for. When you pick up meals for Monday, you be given a hot meal for that day plus a cold meal for Tuesday. When you pick up on Wednesday, you will be given a hot meal for that day and also cold meals for Thursday and Friday. Every scholar at Mana eats for FREE.


Served/packed hot

  • Chicken drumstick

  • Mac and cheese

Tuesday: packed cold

  • Country sandwich

PICK UP DAY Wednesday

Served/packed hot

  • Chili Fritos

Thursday: packed cold

  • Pizza

  • Pudding

Friday: packed cold

  • Quesadilla

  • Cookie

All meals come with a drink and sides (apple slices, veggies, etc.)

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