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Mana Academy is an accredited non-profit public charter school in West Valley City, Utah.  Founded in 2013, Mana Academy is a community created school with a focus on cultural-based education. Mana Academy develops life-long learners by providing our students from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds a sense of belonging and connectedness through the common values we share. By providing this foundation, our students receive the best supports to learn and succeed in an environment primed for optimal learning


To develop scholars who are rooted in their native cultures and are prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow.


Mana Academy Charter School is a community and family centered school committed to educational excellence and cultural sustainability. Our administration, teachers and parents work together as partners to enhance the academic achievement and learning of all students. We provide a learning environment that is culturally relevant and inclusive. We strive to meet the needs of all learners by designing academically challenging work that is meaningful, engaging and inspire innovation, exploration, discovery and creativity. We empower all students to access, enroll and graduate from college.


All students who graduate from Mana Academy will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to be successful leaders and positive agents of change in their local, regional and global communities.



  • We believe a caring relationship between teachers and learners is essential for learning to occur.

  • We believe that parents and families have expertise that can be leveraged to enhance instruction and academic excellence.

  • We believe that family engagement is key to a learner’s academic success.

  • We believe educational excellence is a shared responsibility of students, parents, school staff, and community.



  • We believe all learners are capable of learning, meeting high expectations, thinking critically, and becoming life­long learners.

  • We believe all learners enter our schools with a wealth of cultural and intellectual knowledge that will be validated and encouraged.

  • We believe all classroom assessment practices will be targeted at determining what students are capable of achieving and not merely what they know.

  • We believe all learners, with appropriate support, will demonstrate learning at high levels.



  • We believe in using valuable assessment data to inform all instructional decisions and practices.

  • We believe in making all educational data accessible to parents.

  • We believe in being transparent with the academic progress of our students and school.

  • We believe all learners will achieve their academic goals.


Our School Wide Goals

  • Increase performance on RISE assessment over the previous year.

  • Graduate all high school seniors.

  • Successful implementation of Family Engagement Model

  • Quarterly updated Individual Learning Plan for every student

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