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We Are Mana Legacy Scholarship

The We are Mana Legacy Scholarship aspires to provide Mana Scholars and Alumni in-state tuition assistance to their local public college/university of choice. The scholarship seeks to financially assist scholars during undergraduate and graduate school towards the full cost of tuition per academic year, renewable annually for up to four years/eight semesters to scholars who meet the academic requirements. If students have a portion of tuition already covered (i.e., Pell Grants, financial aid, other scholarships), the scholarship can help to cover the remaining costs.


Mana Academy Ambassadors

Recipients will be considered Mana Academy Ambassadors. Responsibilities include:

  • Bridging their college/university and Mana Academy through continued partnerships

  • Informational college fairs and advocacy for Mana scholars in higher education.

Required Application Documents:

  • Fill out application general information 

  • Essay questions

  • One Letter of Recommendation

    • Recommender must touch on the following in your letters:

      • Please tell us why you believe the applicant is a great candidate to consider.

      • Please include insight into the student's personal characteristics, abilities, achievement, motivation, and potential to be successful.

      • On the forefront of your mind please consider the following: Character, Leadership, and Service.

      • We ask that your recommendation be as specific and candid as possible, citing examples that support your recommendation.

  • One family, parent, or guardian Letter of Recommendation (may be written in family members native language). In this letter, recommender must answer the following questions: 

    • What are some character traits that you feel your scholar possesses in order to be successful in college? 

    • How do you plan to support your scholar through their college experience? 

    • Speak to what your scholar receiving this scholarship would mean to you. 

  • Academic Resume

  • Most updated transcripts (may be unofficial)

  • Proof of admission to a higher education institution

  • Able to demonstrate financial need

Terms and Agreements

As a We are Mana Legacy Scholarship recipient you must uphold the terms and agreements. Please take some time to read and understand them carefully. Failing to comply will result in the termination of the scholarship funding. If you have any questions, please contact Ruben Garcia at or at (831) 229-7061. 

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Scholars must be a Utah Resident.

  • Mana Academy Graduate with a 3.2+ cumulative GPA.

  • Must maintain a 3.0 cumulative college GPA in order to renew the scholarship for the upcoming academic school year.

  • Complete a total of 40 volunteer hours at Mana Academy by the end of the school year (20 hrs in fall & 20 hrs in spring).

  • Meet with Mana Academy’s Academic Advisor three times in a semester. 

  • Provide monthly progress report to Mana Academy.

  • Must demonstrate good class attendance throughout every semester. Mana Academy will provide a tracker for scholars.

  • Must be enrolled as a full-time student 12+ credit units. 

  • Mana Alumni undergraduate students must also have a 3.0 cumulative GPA. (Above requirements also apply for Mana Alumni recipients)

  • If the above requirements are not met, scholars are subject to have their scholarship revoked and will no longer be able to reapply for the scholarship at a later time.

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Scholarship Requirements
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