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Mauna Kea Day

October 4th was Mauna Kea Day at Mana Academy. Mauna Kea has become a focal point for our scholars this past month as they learned about the mauna in multiple disciplines, including social studies, science, music and the arts.

The culmination of their hard work was presented in a special assembly dedicated to Mauna Kea and movements and organizations leading the efforts to protect our native languages, cultures and land.

You can watch the live feed video of our assembly below.

To show our support for our our kūpuna and all kia'i on Mauna Kea and worldwide, and to coincide with today's Kūkahi: Together We Rise march taking place in Hawaii, we are making our rendition of the anthem "Kū Ha'aheo E Ku'u Hawai'i" downloadable for free to show our solidarity. We want to thank author and composer of the mele, Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu, for giving us permission and valuable mentoring as our scholars learned the song.

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