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Ecosystems Gallery Walk

As we celebrate our 10th year anniversary, we challenged every class at Mana Academy to make a connection to our cultural theme for the school year, "...we embody the dreams and aspirations of our ancestors, " taken directly from our school creed, into classroom projects.

In Biology, our 9th grade scholars were engaged in project based learning to learn about ecosystems, how they are shaped by interactions among living organisms and their physical environment, the dynamic changes that occur in ecosystems, how matter cycles and energy flows within ecosystems. (Biology Core Standard 1: Objectives 1, 2 & 3)

To connect this project to our cultural theme, each scholar researched and presented their findings on the ecosystems of the respective countries of their ethnic heritage. Their final product were displays staged in a gallery walk for the rest of the secondary campus to enjoy and learn about the ecosystems of Nigeria, Mexico, El Salvador, Marshall Islands, Samoa and Tonga.

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