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[Updated] Class Schedule for Secondary Grades

Updated: Aug 24, 2020


Here are the class schedules for grades 7-12. All secondary scholars, with the exception of the seniors who are taking concurrent enrollment at SLCC, are expected to attend their Zoom calls on Mondays and Wednesdays. There are a few scholars s who will be taking Applied Skills so those classes might take place on other days. Any block you see on the schedule that is yellow indicates that your scholars are expected to participate in a Zoom call. Attendance will taken during that time so it is imperative that scholars dial in on time and be ready to go. Links to the Zoom calls will always be provided by their teachers via email or in Canvas/Google Classroom.

How to read the schedule

Bell Schedule Example
  1. This column is the breakout of class periods

  2. Any other column or box shaded yellow indicates that scholars should be participating in a Zoom call and attendance will be taken. Days that are not shaded yellow are called self-directed days or periods where scholars are working independently on assigned work.

  3. We recognize that distance learning can be challenging at times so we are committed to providing as much one-on-one support as we can to help our scholars be successful. Two hours of each day is blocked out for Teacher Office Hours.

  4. We also have all of Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm to provide extra one-on-one support for scholars who may need it or for small group instruction.

You may download and view the class schedules for each grade below:

8th Grade Schedule (updated 8.24)

10th Grade Schedule (updated 8.24)

12th Grade Schedule (updated 8.24)

We will publish the schedules for elementary grades soon.

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