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Apply for P-EBT (Pandemic EBT)

A flyer for P-EBT featuring a happy family shopping in a grocery store and holding up and inspecting produce.
Are you eligible for P-EBT?

Due to COVID-19 school closures, families may be eligible to get help with food benefits. These food benefits are called Pandemic EBT Emergency School Meals Program or P-EBT. P-EBT is a new and temporary food benefit to help families buy groceries because schools were closed.

Who is eligible?

Students going to a K-12 school that offers a school lunch program during the school year AND

  • Is eligible for free or reduced school meals: OR

  • Is attending a school where meals are free for all students (Mana Academy is one)

Can Immigrant Households Apply?

Yes. P-EBT is for all students regardless of citizenship or immigration status. P-EBT is for all children that are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals. You will not be asked about you or your child’s immigration status or citizenship when you apply for P-EBT. P-EBT is NOT considered under a public charge.

What is the benefit?

For children who received free or reduced price meals when schools closed on March 16th, they will receive $308 dollars per child in benefits which covers the duration of the days school was closed.

How do I apply for P-EBT?

The deadline is August 31st. To apply, you must complete a simple application at If you need assistance with the application process, you can visit your local Utah Department of Workforce Services Employment Center. You can find out which one is closest to you at

For more information, please visit the official P-EBT Frequently Asked Questions page at which contains information in both English and Spanish.

We encourage all Mana Academy parents to apply because we are a Title 1 school that provides free meals for all our scholars.

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