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Traffic Flow

With the beginning of a new school year, it is time for a refresher on the traffic flow for both campuses.

Elementary Campus

At the elementary campus, there is one entry lane that brings you into the parking lot of the campus. As you come around the parking lot and approach the building, the road splits into two one-way lanes. The right lane is for drop off and pick up only. This is the designated area to drop off or pick up your student, then proceed to the exit. If you need to park longer than for this purpose, you should park your car in an available parking slot.

The left lane is for vehicles that are parked in the parking lot and are pulling out to exit, or vehicles that are passing through the parking lot. DO NOT STOP IN THIS LANE to drop off or pick up students. If you need to park, use the designated parking lot. Refer to the diagram below.

Secondary Campus

At the secondary campus, there is one way in and one way out. The entry lane is on the RIGHT side of the parking lot, you follow that lane and exit on the LEFT side of the parking lot. Please make sure you are entering and exiting in the correct lanes. There is also a designed area for pick up or drop offs. If you need to park and wait, please use an available slot in the parking lot. Refer to the diagram below.

Please follow the traffic flow protocol to ensure a safe and happy commute for everyone.

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