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School Uniforms

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Why uniforms? There are many benefits to wearing a uniform to school.

Why uniforms? It's a question we hear often from our scholars. There are many benefits to wearing a school uniform. Uniforms have a leveraging effect in schools and puts the focus back on learning and not on the latest trends in fashion. In the absence of peer pressure and constant worrying about appearance, our scholars can focus more on developing their intellectual capacity.

Additionally, there are several studies which followed districts that implemented a school uniform policy. These studies showed a noticeable decline in truancy and absences, improved student behavior and increased engagement.

Uniform days at Mana Academy are Monday to Thursdays. Students get a break from wearing uniforms on Fridays unless there is an assembly or we are hosting visitors. Keeping our school community in mind, we chose a simple, affordable solution that shouldn't break anyone's budget.

Uniform Top

The acceptable uniform top is a red polo that can be either short or long sleeve, such as the shirts depicted in the photo below:

Uniform Bottom

Acceptable uniform bottoms must be black but your scholar has more variety to choose from: shorts that are an inch above the knee, chino type pants, skirts. Not acceptable: sweats, pants with holes, workout leggings, yoga pants.


In the classroom, if a student is cold but doesn't want to put on a heavy coat, a light black cardigan is acceptable. Cardigans can be button front or zipped. A black cardigan with a hood is acceptable but hoodies made of sweatshirt material is NOT uniform. [Scholars can wear hoodies on Fridays]


We don't have a preference for shoes as long as they are black. Closed toe shoes are a must for elementary campus because of safety concerns in the playground.

Do you know of any uniform deals? Share them in the comments below.

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