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Menu for April 12th-16th

Meals are distributed curbside by our food service department at the elementary campus every Monday and Wednesday from 11 am to 1 pm except for when those days fall on a holiday. When you arrive, you just need to inform them how many scholars you need meals for. When you pick up meals for Monday, you be given a hot meal for that day plus a cold meal for Tuesday. When you pick up on Wednesday, you will be given a hot meal for that day and also cold meals for Thursday and Friday. Meals also include fresh fruits and/or vegetables as part of the USDA Fresh Fruit & Vegetable program (FFVP). Also, a reminder, EVERY scholar at Mana eats for FREE.

Meals served in person:

Tuesday - served in person

  • Beefy Mac with garlic bread stick

  • FFVP - Blueberries

Thursday - served in person

  • Orange chicken over rice with steamed veggies

  • FFVP- Chayote and Swiss Chard

Meals that are sent home:

Monday: Anytimers

Wednesday: PBJ and cheese stick

Friday: Chicken Drumstick

Download PDF • 267KB
Chayote and Swiss Chard
Download PDF • 296KB

All meals come with a drink and sides

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