our history

Mana Academy was created in 2013 in response to concerns of low academic performance in underserved  communities, specifically ethnic communities on the west side of the Salt Lake valley with a high population of Pacific Islanders, Latin American and Hispanics. Armed with a mission and a mandate to close the opportunity gap in our community, we created a unique school model which recognizes and validates the wealth of the shared cultural values of our school community, and leveraging those values to create the conditions for optimal student success, a special space where our scholars feel a sense of belonging, connectedness and purpose.


five years later

When we first opened our doors, we underestimated the amount of labor needed to bring our scholars up to grade level literacy and arithmetic. Five years later, the latest state data shows that the strategies we put in place to support our mission and vision is indeed helping our scholars grow at an unprecedented rate, especially when compared to nearby school districts that serve a similar demographic. Scroll down to see the remarkable progress we've made since we opened our school. 


here we grow!

When compared to nearby school districts serving a similar demographic to our student population, the Median Growth Percentile (MGP) for Mana Academy students grades 3-8 who took the SAGE exam in 2018 are far ahead of their peers. In English Language Arts MGP, Mana Academy ranked in the top 10 in the state in Utah. The slideshow below provides more details on our MGP. (Source: USBE Data Gateway)


enroll now

Mana Academy is currently holding an open enrollment for the school year 2019-2020, grades K-11. Visit our website to learn more about our mission and vision, our values and our learning philosophy. In addition, you can begin the enrollment process for your potential Mana Academy student.