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Menu for April 26th-30th

Meals are distributed curbside by our food service department at the elementary campus every Monday for online students or served in school for hybrid students. Scholars who are attending in person in the hybrid model will be given food to take home for the days they are not on campus. Meals also include fresh fruits and/or vegetables as part of the USDA Fresh Fruit & Vegetable program (FFVP). Also, a reminder, EVERY scholar at Mana eats for FREE.

Meals served in person:

Tuesday - served in person

  • Pizza Rippers with Marinara

  • FFVP - Asparagus (to take home)

Thursday - served in person

  • Chilli Fritos

Meals that are sent home:

Wednesday: Grilled Cheese (packed cold)

Friday: Pizza (packed cold)

All meals come with a drink and sides

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