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Mana's Cell Phone Policy

We embrace 21st century devices to supplement instruction with the exception of personal use in classrooms

Cell phones/electronic devices can be a valuable tool in the classroom and we encourage our teaching staff to embrace electronics and other 21st century devices to supplement instruction and learning. However, when cell phones and other devices are used by scholars for personal reasons in the classroom and not to support instruction, it becomes a distraction. In order to preserve the teaching and learning environment, we want to clarify to our Mana Academy community the cell phone/electronic devices policy for Mana Academy per our Student/Parent Handbook:

8.1 Electronic Devices

  • Phones, MP3 players, tablets, cell phones, and other devices are not allowed during class time. Devices, headphones, and earbuds should be put away unless they are using their student Chromebooks.

  • Teachers may confiscate devices with our without warning if students have them out or in use during class.

  • Teachers may return confiscated devices at the end of class or at the end of the day.

  • If a student refuses to give up his or her device, the student will be sent to the School Leader, who will retain the confiscated device until the end of the school day.

  • If a student refuses to give a device to office staff, parents will be notified.

Non-disruptive use of cell phones is permitted before school, during lunch period and after school. As soon as scholars are in the classroom, cell phones need to be put away and silenced. Violation of the cell phone rule as stated above will result in the confiscation of the device according to disciplinary action outlined in the policy.

We realize that scholars are provided cell phones by parents to keep in constant contact during the day. However, parents can always reach their scholar through our front desk, even in cases of emergencies, and our front desk staff have been exceptional at notifying scholars when parents are trying to reach them.

To review our Electronic Devices Policy and the rest of the Student/Parent Handbook, please visit this link.

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