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Mana Academy Receives Supplies Donation

Mana Academy Parent and R1 RCM Homecare Team Coordinate Donation Drive

Tabatha Ready and the R1 RCM Homecare Team dropping off donations

Mana Academy was the fortunate benefactor of a donation drive of classroom supplies coordinated by one of our Mana parents, Ati Vainuku, Tabatha Ready and the R1 RCM Homecare Team, and members of the Polynesian community. Through their coordinated efforts, they were able to donate:

  • 557 notebooks

  • 417 two pocket folders

  • 774 pencils

  • 850 pencil top erasers

  • 170 24-pack crayons

  • 140 pink erasers

  • 216 glue sticks

  • 136 packs of markers

  • 207 packs of color pencils

  • 68 rulers

  • classroom decorations

We are grateful for the generosity of our school community and those of you who helped in this donation drive. The donations were distributed to happy teachers and scholars on our elementary campus.

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