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Celebrating Excellence

Second Graders Achieve High Marks in Reading Assessment

Kids are gathered around their desks and having a discussion.
Miss Kathy's Second Graders this year

At Mana Academy, we love to celebrate excellence. The data is in and we are in a celebratory mood because almost all our second grade from last year achieved high proficiency marks in reading. Mana Academy utilizes Acadience Reading in grades K-6 to diagnose and identify children at risk for reading difficulties and determine the skills to target for instructional support.

Our teachers then work with our scholars throughout the school year to increase proficiency through targeted interventions and instructional support. While the data shows growth in all grades K-3, we noticed the most growth in second grade. In the Acadience Reading Assessment, 84% of second grade were above proficiency, 8% were proficient, 8% approaching proficient and no scholar was at below proficient.

In total, 92% of our second grade class were proficient or higher in reading. This is a huge milestone for our school and congratulations are in order for our second grade class of 2021 and their teacher Miss Kathy, considering that most of the school year we were still online due to the pandemic! The bar has been raised and Mana Academy teachers are committed and motivated to continue the standard of excellence set by our second grade class of 2021.

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