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Child Nutrition Programs

Free or Reduced Lunch

For students who choose to have meals provided by the school, please be aware that these meals are not free. Meals must be paid for by the parent unless the student qualifies for free lunch. Parents are still responsible for the cost of a reduced breakfast or lunch, though at a significant discounted price. If your student did not qualify for free or reduced lunch but you want them to eat breakfast and lunch in our cafeteria, you are responsible for the cost of those meals.


Because we want to help our Mana families in alleviating the high cost of meals, we highly suggest that all families apply for free or reduced lunch regardless of whether you feel if you qualify or not. The formula used to determine eligibility changes all the time, so do not let that deter you.  You can apply at this link:


After you apply, you will then receive a letter notifying you if your student qualifies for free or reduced meals. This information is passed on Granite School District Food Services. For students who qualify for free meals, they will be assigned PIN number to purchase their meals.


Making Payments

If your student qualifies for the reduced price, you will be required to prepay for their discounted meals through Paypams, the vendor selected by Granite School District Food Services to collect payments. Parents can pre-load their student’s account with credit which will be applied to the student’s meal. The same process applies for those who do not qualify for free or reduced lunch.


To calculate what that amount would look like, here is a breakdown for full and reduced price for our elementary and secondary campus:



Grade K - 6th Breakfast:

Full Price: $0.90

Reduced Price: $0.30


Grade K - 6th Lunch:

Full Price: $1.50

Reduced Price: $0.40


Junior High

Grade 7th - 8th Breakfast

Full Price: $1.05

Reduce Price: $0.30


Grade 7th - 8th Lunch

Full Price: $1.65

Reduce Price: $0.40


High School

Grade 9th - 12th Breakfast

Full Price: $1.05

Reduce Price: $0.30


Grade 9th - 12th Lunch

Full Price: $1.75

Reduce Price $0.40




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